Breast cancer: risk factors, survival strategies

Immune strengthening medical mushrooms (Patkónyelv) and the exercise’s significance in prevention and supportive therapy. Breast cancer is the most frequent type of cancer in the case of women. This is why getting to know the influencing risk factors are very important because if we decrease them we can contribute to the prevention and struggle of the disease.

After the millennium it was proved in a clinical experiment that the combined hormone therapy (oestrogen-progesterone) has a breast carcinogenic effect in the case of women after their menopause. They had to stop the clinical experiment in its 5th year because of the increasing number of aggressive breast cancers. A further surprising result of the experiment is that the frequency of Alzheimer disease and dementia increased significantly as an effect of the hormone administration. The results were proved by other surveys too and it was stated that hormone therapy increases significantly, the number of deaths in breast cancer especially when the therapy is administered for 5 years.

One of the most significant influential factors is obesity which increases the probability of the formation of breast cancer and decreases the survival chances of the already diseased and it also fosters the formation of near and far metastasis. The higher the obesity problem of the patients suffering from breast cancer the smaller the chance of survival and the bigger chance that the tumour reforms. It’s a remarkable problem that in most cases of women suffering from breast cancer after the diagnosis they gain weight which can decrease their survival chances.

Researchers explain the weight gain with the decrease of the physical exercises. According to the newest surveys the survival chances of women suffering from breast cancer even in the case of obesity can be improved significantly (with about 50%) if we eat food such as vegetables and fruit (the consummation of vegetables and fruit at least 5 times a day) and if we exercise regularly (half an hour walk per day). This is achievable if we do the two together (not one without the other). The effect of exercises is stronger in the case of patients who suffer from tumours which react to hormones. Healthy lifestyle’s effect can reach or in some cases considering the benefits and side effects even get above for example the extensive usage of medications just like the oestrogen modulators (tamoxifen) as among its side effects we can find uterine cancer, deep vein thrombosis and stroke. This is the reason why researchers don’t suggest women taking tamoxifen for prevention only for those who are really endangered.

Researchers suspect not only the oestrogen but also the insulin’s carcinogen effect besides the phenomena written above. High insulin level-even without diabetes-can foster the formation of far metastasis and can also decrease the survival chances of women suffering from breast cancer. According to a scientific survey in the case of women suffering from breast cancer physical exercise can improve the insulin sensitivity and can decrease the blood’s insulin level as well. The newest surveys justify that sunlight (mainly between the ages 10-29) can decrease the later formation of breast cancer significantly. We mentioned in our previous study that this phenomenon is attributed to the sunlight’s vitamin D forming character. The consummation of cod-liver oil and milk can also decrease the occurrence of breast cancer.

It was proved by clinical experiments about some good quality medical mushroom extracts that they decrease not only the harmful side effects of chemo-and radiotherapy, strengthen the immune system, and improve the quality of life of women suffering from gynaecological tumours but they also have an anti-breast cancer effect (with an efficiency over 70%). These medical mushrooms are able to increase the organism’s vitamin D stocks they improve insulin sensitivity significantly fostering the efficiency of the recovery and the prevention. By introducing the medical mushroom extracts which contain the Patkónyelv extract mixture to Hungary, an unprecedented effective tool is available to the women suffering from gynaecological tumours as an additional therapy. Of course our suggestions don’t replace but complete the therapies prescribed by the doctor.

Author: Gábor Varga, drug expert