Gábor Varga

Gábor Varga, economist, was born in 1969 in Szombathely. He did his university studies in Budapest and Munich. He started to deal with the therapeutic use of different active ingredients more seriously when the doctors couldn’t handle his son’s genetic autism, as they had no clue how to ease his symptoms. This was the reason why Gábor Varga developed anti-allergic and anti-asthma agents for his son. They placed a material (so called neurotrophic factor) in the brains of sick children which enhanced the production of the brain’s own stem cells with the help of different mechanisms of action. The doctors of the child health clinic were astonished by the results. They experienced global development and improvement in the children. Their motility, concentration, social and communication skills improved significantly and their conduct disorder also lessened. The German doctors published the results of the clinical experiment in the International Medical Journal. Gábor Varga’s work was acknowledged in Germany with this step so we can say that he is the developer of the first Hungarian scientifically recognized stem cell therapy.

As scientist experienced that he had solved problems in relation to a rare disease, in the case of which the doctors were helpless, he started the examination of other mass diseases. This is how he got to the agents like the medical mushroom extracts and the apigenin. The effects of these agents were not only justified by the experience of traditional medicine but also by clinical experiments. Nonetheless, people didn’t know them as the elements of different therapies and they were used for mass neither in Hungary nor in Europe. This is the reason why Gábor Varga started to deal with medical mushroom extracts.

In Hungary hundreds of cured patients reported the effects of his extracts to different TV channels. We feel free to say that Gábor Varga contributed to the Hungarian popularity’s general immune status’ improvement. The expert has been searching for these medical mushrooms since then. Recently, he examines the extracts’ effects on the brain, soul and consciousness. His most important goal is to increase further the Hungarian society’s general state of health not only in the cases of diseases but also on the fields of prevention.

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