1. The immune system as one of the most effective anticancer weapons

    (Smokers and their environment is very endangered) In all probability the living beings’ immune system is one of the most effective anticancer weapons. A proof of this is the spontaneous tumour regression in the case of both animals and humans. In 1999 cancer research scientists noticed that during their mice experiments. One mouse (BALB/c) among the lot never died of cancer not even if they squirted a huge amount of cancer cells to the animal again. With multiple crossings they breed the vulnerable mouse to many thousands in a way that the animals preserved the original mouse’s anticancer characters.
  2. Chemo-and radiotherapy’s nervous system impairing side effects

    (The polysaccharides and other possibilities in, order to decrease the side effects II.) It’s our conviction that we can only decrease the possible serious side effects of certain therapies if we know them. Chemo-and radiotherapy’s one less known long term side effect is its effects on the nervous system.
  3. Medical mushroom extracts not only for cancer

    Alzheimer, schizophrenia, autism: behaviour problems, new therapeutic possibilities The anticancer medical mushroom polysaccharide extracts (e.g. Patkónyelv) have already proved that they are odd among the natural immune strengthening and anticancer agents in improving the quality of life, in the decreasing of the side effects of the chemo-and radiotherapy and also in supporting the therapy’s effectiveness.
  4. Curing and carcinogenic chemo-and radiotherapy

    (The role of polysaccharides in decreasing the harmful side effects) The anticancer struggle’s three most important tools are surgery in order to remove tumour cells and chemo-and radiotherapy. Chemo-and radiotherapy is able to harm and destroy the quickly dividing cells just like cancer cells.